EFSUMB History of Ultrasound

The modern technical use of ultrasound began at the beginning of the 20th century, stimulated by the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, and with the idea of being able to detect obstacles underwater using ultrasound. The German Alexander Behm and the Englishman Lewis Richardson developed approximately simultaneously and independently from each other, an echo sounder... [more]

Archive of Literature – Bibliography

The archive contains approximately 600 German and English publications. The museum’s collection focuses on pre-1975 articles; however, the database also contains a limited number of later publications, which cover more recent developments such as the colour-coded duplex sonography.

The articles may be selected by author, journal, year of publication, key word and by ultrasound method. An abstract will be shown, if available.

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In order to facilitate the search, the database contains variations for a number of key words or scanner types, e.g.

Echokardiographie, Echocardiographie, echocardiography

Embolie, Embolien

Compound, compoundscanner etc.

If your search yields no results, please vary your search terms accordingly.