Film on the history of diagnostic ultrasound

A film is now available on the history of ultrasound investigations – from sonar and non-destructive material testing to the A-mode scan, from bistable and gray-scale compound-scans to real-time B-mode and Doppler studies. Included are numerous historical illustrations and film-clips (e.g. of the neurologist Dussik from 1947), interviews with pioneers (e.g. with the gynecologist Holländer, who was the first to document fetal movements with the fast real-time scan of the Vidoson), explanations by expert members of the board, and so forth.

The film (duration about 27 minutes) is ideal to show the exiting history of ultrasound diagnostics to the younger generation of physicians and technicians in the ultrasonic world.

Copies of the film can be obtained via for a donation of 100 €